Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh no, Hayley has sticky eyes

Hayley suddenly woke up on Wednesday with sticky substances around her eyes. They were yellowish in colour. Her eyes are often watery and slightly swollen too. The discharge just keeps coming and it got worst at night. The discharge dried up and sealed off her eyes. She couldn't open them and that scared me to death.

Today her condition is slightly better although I didn't do anything other than using cotton soaked in warm water to wipe her as recommended by the website. I will continue to monitor tomorrow and if its still the same, I will surely bring her to the doctor. I did a quick research on the internet and suspected that she could have conjuntivitis. But one other symptom of this is pink eyes which she doesn't have so I am not really sure. Conjuntivitis is caused by a virus/bacteria. It could also happen after a bad flu which she recently had. Anyway, tomorrow I will decide if I should bring her to a doctor.

My mom on the other hand said its due to body heat which could also be true cause she refuses to drink water from the bottle (she will drink milk but not water) and I had to feed her using a spoon. I think she is refusing the teats because her gums are sore. Her lips are slightly red too which is a clear sign of heat. My poor girl. Teething is causing her so much discomfort :-(. I hope it will go away in time for her birthday party.

And because of this, we also cancelled our Penang trip :-(

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Sorry for the late wishes as I've not been blogging for days now as I've been very busy celebrating CNY hehehe. Hayley's been with me since Sat and I will be babysitting fully until next Monday. I am giving the babysitter a break (although she said its ok to send Hayley back on Wed) and I am also planning to bring her to Penang for a couple of days. Although its driving distance away, this will be her first trip away from home and I am getting anxious. I dont know what to pack and bring. I think I will bring the whole house. My kiasuism is kicking in.. hahaha

On the first and second day of CNY, we've been out whole day. We went to my brother in law's place as both my MIL and FIL are in town. We usually will head back to hometown for CNY but this year they decided to celebrate in KL instead as we have babies and little kids and it would be inconvenient for us to travel. They are so nice and so understanding :-)

Anyway, the 2 days at BIL's house has been tiring for me and hubby. Hayley refuses to nap as there were many kids there to play with. She crawls and pulls and climbs and fusses. We left the home early and came back late. We are drained!

Today we get to rest at home as both FIL and MIL are back to hometown and we don't need to go to BIL's place anymore. Later we're bringing Hayley to shop around before heading to my mom's place for dinner. We will be coming home late too but thankfully she's now napping in the comfort of her own home and will be fully charged up for the long day ahead.

She also got a new nickname given to her by my BIL. She's known as the 'vacuum cleaner' as she likes to pick things up from the floor (from food crumbs, stones, dirt, hair, dead insects etc) and puts them into her mouth. Its amazing how her little eyes can spot these dirt (that most of us just ignore) and then her little fingers can pick them up at ease.

And btw, I think her teeth is finally coming. I can see 2 little bulge on her lower gums. Although I don't see white spots yet but I think they are going to appear fairly soon. I hope they will be out on time for her first bite of a chicken drumstick on her 1st birthday :-)

Talking about her first birthday, it'll be here in 2 weeks and I still can't make up my mind on how to celebrate :-(

Monday, January 19, 2009

The proud mama!

At 11 months and 4 days old, my baby finally called me 'mama'. It doesn't matter if its mama or mummy or mi as long as it came out from her :-). She started calling me out of the blue on a Saturday morning. Thereafter whenever she wakes up in the middle of the night, she called me too even though the papa attended to her.

And her pronounciation is just super cute. It makes my heart melt and I just love to hear it over and over and over :-). I am just so happy and proud. The papa on the other hand is jealous.. haha

Friday, January 16, 2009

Which is easier to care for? Baby boys or girls?

The server in my HQ is down and I have no access to my work emails and therefore while waiting for the server to come up I decided to do something useful which is blogging hehehe

This question suddenly popped up. I remember speaking to a few friends who've got baby goys and baby girls to compare notes. I think I have to agree with most of them that baby girls are slightly harder to care for. I am sure there are plenty of reasons but to me, there is only 1 main reasons and here it is:

Baby girls tends to get rashes more often
Hayley uses diapers 24 hours a day (poor baby) and I pay very special attention to her vaginal area when washing or cleaning it. At every diaper change I will use water to wash then wipe dry and lastly apply a thin layer of Drapolene. Sometimes when she is co-operative, I will let her air dry for 5 - 10 mins. Even so she gets rashes every now and then. When the rashes gets very red, I have no choice but to resort to using the cream prescribed by the doctor which contains mild steroid which is not harmful to her if used in moderation. This cream works like magic. After applying for only 2 days, the rashes would go away.

A friend of mine who's got 1 girl and 3 boys (super mom) agreed with me. She said her boys hardly gets rashes but her girl always get them :-(

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hayley turns 11 months today

My little baby is finally 11 months old today. In another month she will not be a baby anymore.

Today we handed her a whistle and taught her how to blow into the whistle. She started licking and chewing and eating it for a while and to our surprise, she managed to blow into the whistle and made a little sound. We encouraged her and she managed to blow a few more times and made a few more sounds. We are so proud of her and noticed that she learns very fast (the things that she likes that is). I hope she can blow the candles on her birthday cake when she turns 1 :-)

We are also teaching her how to kiss and hug and so far she isn't doing it yet. Deep down we know she knows how to do it but she just don't want to do it cause everytime when I ask her to kiss me, she will turn her head away. This girl is so stubborn :-(

Do you feel the same way like I do?

I just have to blog about this. My best friend and her hubby recently returned from a trip to Vietnam. She is currently 5 months pregnant with their first child. They took a lot of very nice photos with great sceneries and photos showing day to day lives of the locals and lots of photos of Vietnam toddlers and kids. My best friend's hubby, I'm going to call him D posted the photos on Facebook and one particular photo caught my attention. This is the one:

When I saw this photo I immediately felt very sad. I posted a comment on the photo which said something like this "love the photos but it makes me feel very sad to see little kids being ill treated, dirty and looks like they were not cared for properly. This is the reason why I cannot visit 3rd world countries as I will definitely cry if I see this in person. You will understand how I feel when you finally become parents', well not in the exact same words but something to that effect.

D disagreed with me and replied to my comment asking me "why cry? these kids are happy. This is how they grow up, this is their lives. Although they are dirty, they are very healthy and hardly sick. Their immune system is very good unlike city kids. You shouldn't feel that way about them" again not the exact words but something to that effect.

I guess they won't understand since they are not parents yet. To me, although the kids are laughing or appear to be happy in the photos, you can't help but realise that they are growing up in such poor conditions. Although this is their lives and this is how they live, they are still kids. They take what they were given, they eat what they were fed with. My point is kids are kids. They don't know how to compare, they are not choosy and they have not seen the world. As a parent from this part of the world, I guess we could call ourselves lucky. Lucky to have homes, lucky to have a clean place to live in, to have good healthy food and to have clean water to drink. We can't help ourselves but to compare how lucky we are over here. I felt pity for them and sad at the same time. I am sure I will cry if I see it with my own 2 eyes. When Hayley had a little scratch on her face, my heart ached until the scratch disappears. I couldn't imagine what I would feel if I see my baby covered in black dirt, putting her dirty fingers in her mouth and not wearing any pants! I don't think I can handle that. Maybe the people in Vietnam cannot afford to look after their kids due to the hardship but my point here is, the photo makes me sad and I don't like to go holidays in places that will make me sad! Maybe some people will say that I am being silly and I will miss going to some of the most beautiful places in the world if I have that kind of a perception. But I can't help it.

Do other mothers out there feel the same way as I do or I am over emotional?

D ended the email saying that when he sees things like this, it makes him love his baby even more. I told him that he doesn't need to go see things like this to love the baby even more. He will unconditionally love the baby the moment she is born - its a she :-). And he would even give his life to her. That is how powerful it is. I guess he would only understand when the day finally arrives.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I love to walk... tip toe tip toe

In the last couple of weeks I have fallen in love with walking. I love to walk. I love to hold mummy's or papa's hands and walk all over the house. In fact I love walking more than crawling now. But I am still afraid to walk by myself. I can't walk by myself as I am still not walking steadily. Papa love to test me by making me stand against the wall without any support. I will stand there for a couple of minutes and then I will cry for help. I know papa wants me to try and walk on my own even if its just a step or 2 but I am scared. Maybe I will walk when I am ready but definitely now is not the moment.

And when I walk I love to tip-toe. It makes me feel taller and mummy or papa won't need to bend their backs to walk with me. They always complaint about backache so I learn to tip toe to make the walking experience more comfortable for them ~ LOL.

Oh btw, I can now climb up the stairs (all the way up) but I still don't know how to climb down yet.. Mummy doesn't like me to climb up the stairs. She would scold or beat me everytime I go near the stairs :-(

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I cry with you

Did you see the photo on the front page of The Star today?

I couldn't help but cried when I saw the photo and read the description about the 3 little Palestinian babies that got killed. They were innocent little babies! My heart goes out to the parents and may the 3 little ones rest in peace.

Ever since I became a mom, I find myself more emotional especially when I read news that concerns babies or little kids. Is it as if I can relate to the parents, I can understand their feelings and I can imagine myself being in their shoes. Words just can't describe how I feel.

Before I became a mom, I do feel very sad when I read horrible news about babies or kids but the feeling is so different now - my heart cringed and it hurts.

I can remember very clearly 2 other stories that made me cry on the spot:

1. The one about the 3 months old baby who survived the Sichuan earthquake where the mother shielded her and continued to breatfeed her until she passed away. She even left a message on the mobile phone for her baby. Hayley was also 3 months at that time, same age as the baby and I was breastfeeding too. I was devastated. I cried uncontrollably. I knew if I were in her shoes, I would do just the same. As I was typing this, you won't believe that I actually have tears in my eyes.

2. A story I saw on Oprah about a mother who had to make the ultimate decision to save her baby's life by amputating both his legs. The baby's legs were amputated below the knee when he was 1.5 months old and she worried for his future. Thankfully, the boy who is now 10 years old is actively running and doing sports using prosthetics :-)

Both the stories above leave a deep mark within me. There are many others but these 2 always reminded me to love Hayley unconditionally everyday and be thankful that she is healthy, happy and is always with me.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Little brat

Guess what Hayley did today?

I placed her on the high chair to watch her favourite CD and gave her a sippy cup to drink or play with to keep her occupied (Nuby sippy cup). After playing and drinking from it for a while she threw/drop the cup onto the floor. This is not the first time she actually threw/drop the cup onto the floor but today I decided to teach her that this is wrong.

I picked up the cup and put it on the tray and hit her hand once (the hand that threw/drop the cup). I looked at her and repeatedly telling her that she cannot throw the cup onto the floor. She immediately made the sad face knowing that I am scolding and beating her. Then she picked up the cup again, with me watching, threw it on the floor again. She did it so spontaneously that it horrifies me.

Oh my God! Who taught her all these? Where did she learn it from? Is that a sign that she will be a rebellious child in the future?

I also read somewhere on some baby sites that all babies when they reach a certain age loves to throw things and make us pick up after them. I hope its the latter.

Anyway, I certainly do not want her to have such a character when she grow up and I will try my very best to teach her and make her a better person.