Tuesday, September 30, 2008

'Your Baby Can Read' VCD

I finally found them and bought them too. It comes in a set of 5 VCDs at RM99.90. each VCD lasts 15 mins. I bought it from http://www.mybbstore.com/. It costs S$60 in Singapore so it is much cheaper here.

It also comes in the form of DVD but of course I chose the VCD cause its cheaper and I am not prepared to waste that much as I am not sure if Hayley will enjoy it. I showed it to her for the first time on Sunday and she seems to enjoy it (which is good). Let's wait and see if my little girl will be able to read after a couple of months watching this like they promised.. hehe

My favourite hobby

I have a hobby, developed since I was 6 months old - hair pulling! No joke, I love pulling hairs from the head or the legs or the armpit (papa's of course :-)), anywhere and everywhere beyond my reach... here is a photo of me in action. Papa's hair is actually less than an inch and my little magical fingers still could grab them.. amazing huh!

Monday, September 29, 2008

How to read bar code - China or Taiwan products

The following are from SingaporeAgnesTan blogspot:

With more and more milk products from China and Taiwan having problem, we really got to check where the things are produced. Here is a way to differentiate Taiwan made products and China made products : by looking at first three digits of its Bar Code.

If the 1st 3 digits are 690, 691 or 692 - China made
If the 1st 3 digits are 471 – Taiwan made


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

These items have been recalled due to China's milk scandal

I received the following email from my NY friend this morning.

For your information, the following items have been recalled inSingapore due to China's milk scandal:

1. M&M
2. Snickers
3. Mento's Yoghurt Bottle
4. Dove Chocolate
5. Oreo Wafer Sticks
6. Dutchlady Sterilised Milk
7. Wall's all natural mango
8. Mini Poppers Ice Cream
9. Magnum Ice Cream
10. Moo Sandwich Ice Cream
11. Mini Cornetto
12. Youcan Ice Cream

Stores have been asked by AVA Singapore to remove them. If u have anyof these items at home, don't eat them.

I have consumed M&M, Snickers and ice cream for the last so many years. If something were to happen to us, I wonder who will be held responsible?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Hayley hates bananas

Gave Hayley bananas for the first time today and she hates it. She did take a few spoon and after a while she started spitting them out and making the 'wek' (vomit) sound.

She ain't going to ger it her way cause tomorrow I will try again :-)

'Your baby Can Read' CD

A friend of mine in Singapore told me about this educational CD for baby. She said I should forget about Barneys or Sesame Street or any other cds out there and just get this one. It is S$60 for the complete set in Singapore's Kiddy Place, not sure where to find it in KL though. It comes with a few cds for various months.

According to her the cd is rather boring (that is why you dont want to show your baby Barney and Sesame Street :-)) but it is extremely educational. She showed it to her son since he was 2 months old for 15 mins twice a day and even before her son reaches 1 year old, she found out that he could read. Her son is now 2 years old and he could spell some basic words like his name, mommy, daddy, elephant etc! That is just amazing.

I am so keen to get this CD for baby and I will try and find it in KL. If not, I might just get it in Singapore :-)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My birthday

I'll be celebrating my birthday on Monday. I wonder how different it would be this year as compared to previous years except the obvious which is the addition of Hayley :-). Hubby is not exactly the most romantic person and his 'surprises' (if any) are always predictable - dinner cum 'choose your own present' session :-)

I wasn't really thinking much about my birthday and in fact we have already begun discussing about Hayley's 1st birthday party ~lol~

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hayley's first bank account

Opened a joint account for Hayley today, after delaying it for so many months.. what a lousy mummy.. hehe. Anyway, went to Maybank (the same branch where I opened mine) and got her a Yippee account. Glad that I finally did and hopefully by the time she turned 18, the account has enough $$ to get her through college and university [BIG GRIN]

Am I feeding her right?

Hayley is 6.965 kg at 7 months. She was 3.4kg when born and 6.65kg when she was 6 months old. She only gained about 300 grams in the last month. I was concerned but the ped said it is ok as long as she is eating well, happy and is alert (and she is!).

From birth till 6 months:
Hayley is exclusively on breast milk. At 6 months she was taking 6oz at every feed (3 hours interval) 5 times a day. We religiously feed her at every 3 hours (my baby sitter insist) even if she's not crying or showing any hungry signs and I just followed suit on weekends. She would normally finish all her milk with occasional wastage of about 1oz once in a while. She gets water in between feeds.

After 6 months:
I slowly introduced her to formula (Enfalac A+). Started with replacing the last feed with formula instead of breast milk. No issues so far. She is getting between 6oz - 8oz 5 times a day. Occasionally the baby sitter said she will ask for more (esp in the morning) after finishing the 6oz and she will then make her an additional 2oz formula. I have never experienced that on weekends when I look after her myself.

I also started introducing her to solids. I gave her Heinz First Rice Cereal once a day in the afternoon in between feeds. I also introduced pureed fruits and she tried green pear, apples, peaches and papayas. She get fruits once on weekdays (in the evening) and twice on weekends. I have also asked the baby sitter to give her cereals twice starting from today, maybe once in the afternoon and another in the evening. This I hope will help her to gain more weight. I am also keen to introduce her to vegetables. I know broccoli, carrot, sweet potato and spinach are good for her but when should I start? How do I start? I was told to puree them and mix them into her cereal to make it tastier, is that the right thing to do? and what about meat? When should I start making her chicken or fish porridge?

It is so difficult for a working mom to ensure that our baby gets enough nutritions from her food intake when we're not the one preparing them ourselves. What do other working moms out there do? Does your baby sitter prepare the pureed fruits for your baby or did you prepare it in advance and bring it to her? My baby sitter is a bit 'old schooled' and I am afraid of introducing new stuff to her. Initially she told me to wean Hayley from breast milk after 3 months but I insisted on going and I am happy I did. But after 7 months I am not that particular anymore and am happy to slowly wean her.

And what about jar food? Are they good and reliable? My friend in NY told me she fed her 'jumbo baby' organic jar food and they are as good as self prepared food and her baby is cute and huge.

Pneumococal Vaccination

Hayley had her 1st Prevenar jab yesterday and it cost us Rm300! Well, I think it's worth paying as long as we have peace of mind knowing that she will be safe from meningitis etc. We initially wanted to start her earlier, ie 4 jabs if we start her before 6 months and 3 jabs if we start her after 6 months and we decided to start her after 6 months cause I cannot tolerate seeing her getting so many jabs in the first 6 months. My heart cringed everytime she cried (not to mention the fever that comes later) when jabbed. I had to stand faraway and close my eyes while her daddy attend to her.

She is so smart now. The moment we put her on the bed she started crying. The moment the pediatrician walked towards her, she cried even louder. She knew what will happen next, smart girl. But the jab was quick and she cried for a bit. But overall it went quite well and she is quite a trooper.

The ped said she might get fever after the jab and told me to give her a dose of fever med when we get home which I did. Thankfully, she didn't get any fever and I am so so glad. Her next jab will be 2 months later, the 2nd Prevenar and another RM300 into the ped's bank account :-)

I made mummy proud

Me and papa (everyone said I look like him, what do you think?)

Me enjoying my biscuit

We attended grandma's 81st birthday dinner in Six Happiness on Sunday. It was the only time where everyone could gather and meet and update each other apart from during CNY. It was more of an annual gathering of family and relatives. This will also be the first time where I will get to meet everyone cause some of them did not attend my fullmoon party.

I made mummy very proud of me on that day. I was such a darling and everyone loved me. There were 2 other babies of the same age (the other 2 born in March) there but I was at the centre of everyone's attention. I allowed everyone to carry and played with me. I was kicking my legs frantically the moment I was passed from one person to the other showing that I was happy and obviously very active. All my relatives commented that I must have got my mummy's 'dancing genes'. For those who do not know, my mummy used to be a part time freelance dancer before she had me. Mummy dressed me in a pink top with matching pants and a cute little hat which she bought from Singapore the previous day. I looked so adorable :-)

During the dinner, while everyone was busy eating, mummy gave me the Heinz teething biscuit for the very first time to keep me occupied (so that she and papa can eat too). They put me in a baby chair and I sat comfortably. I gnawed on the biscuit and finished almost half of it until the biscuit fell on the floor. I cried wanting more. There were no more as mummy didn't expect me to like it the first time so she didn't bring more. She distracted me with a little bit of water and soon I forgot about the biscuit.

We left at about 11.00pm and it was way past my bedtime. I was tired but happy. I usually sleeps around 9pm and as expected I fell asleep in the car. Luckily mummy changed my diaper and put me in my pyjama at the restaurant itself. I knocked off immediately in the comfort of my car seat :-)

Friday, September 12, 2008


Didn't know that some of mummy's friends have started blogging too. A good friend of hers asked mummy to visit her blogpage http://jaredjaden.blogspot.com/ today. Well, I guess we are late starter (we're still trying to find time to update and manage this blog, so bear with us) but I guess its better late than never!

BTW, if any of you are interested in hand made scrapbook or cards or posters etc, do go to the above blog and contact the owner. She's got plenty of good stuff to show! I received a hand made card from her (aunty Saw Leng) together with a lovely dress when I was a month old.

Thank you Aunty Saw Leng!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

This is me!

Let me introduce you to 'me' :-)

Name: Hayley
Date of birth: 14th February 2008
Weight: 3.4kg
Length: 50cm

The birth was quite a traumatic experience for mummy. Will ask her to share her experience sometime soon.

Our first entry

Ever since I arrived mummy have so many questions left unanswered. She searched high and low in every search engines she could possibly find for answers to all sorts of questions from weaning to food to feeding solids to health issues etc. I am sure every new parent would understand what I mean. There are so many things that her parents, friends or even colleagues didn't tell her about having a baby. She thought it was as simple as having a life size Barbie doll ~lol ~ but she was in for a big surprise. She learnt a lot and found lots of answers from blogs written by other new mothers. Their blogs guided her and made her a better mom (she hopes) and provided relieve knowing that she is not the only one going through what she thought was only happening to her.

Therefore we decided to create this blog hoping to be able to share our experience with other new moms out there.