Saturday, November 28, 2009

Junk food

Just a quick post on the 'junk food' (ie food that I won't give her myself) my daughter knows at her current age:

- kopi (whenever she see her papa drinking from a cup, she will say kopi)
- bena (she meant ribena)
- Donald (that's McDonald)
- i klim (ice cream)
- kokolat (chocolate and she normally refer them to chocolate biscuits or chocolate wafer)

Some of the other things she she doesn't know how to say yet but have tasted are: Mamee, muruku (she had it at 8 months) and I am sure there are more which I do not know yet. I discovered she had them at the babysitter's because I could smell them from her mouth when I pick her up in the evening.

When I confront my babysitter, she said this 'you have to let them taste all sorts of things and in different textures so they won't reject it later, but I only give her a little bit la'.

What else can I do or say to stop all this?

Is it safe to de-worm a 21 month old?

Lately, my little girl is not eating as much as she used to and is not showing keen interest in food except for some selective food ie her all time favourites like cheese, yogurt, peanut soup etc. She is also putting her fingers into her mouth quite often and scratching her buttocks more frequently too.

The babysitter suggested that I de-worm her. She said its a common thing to do for toddlers her age due to the food they eat (and the other junk food she gave her quietly without my knowledge) and the frequent 'hand in mouth' habit.

I checked with our paediatrician and she recommended Zentel which can be given every 6 months. The prescription would be 5ml for toddlers below 2 and 10ml for 2 and above. I bought Zentel (syrup type) from pharmacist a few days ago but have not (until now) decided if I want to give it to her. Maybe I'll give her later today and I certainly do hope not to see the squiggly friend tomorrow when she poo.

As an adult, I don't even practice de-worming every year. I only take it when I remember or when I feel some discomfort 'there'. What about for kids? Do you know if it's safe or if it's recommended to de-worm every 6 months?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A happy and sad day

Today, I was happy because apart from getting our passports done, papa and I managed to catch a movie (just the 2 of us). After dropping Hayley off at the babysitter's around 1pm, we went to catch 2012. Since when did they raise the price of the tickets to RM12, we thought it used to be RM10. Well, this proves how long we've not been to a cinema. It was nice to be able to spend some private moments together once in a while.

Today, I was also sad because my little sweetheart fell down in the bathroom as I was bathing her in the evening. The tiled floor must have been very slippery and I didnt manage to catch her in time. She ended up with her back on the floor and I wasn't even sure if she knocked her head on the floor. I was too stunned to notice anything. At her age she often fall or hurt herself but today I was extremely worried cause I have not heard her cry this loud before (except when we visit the doctor). I was so worried I kept rubbing her head and checking her arms, legs and body and kept asking her if they hurt. She seems fine after crying for about 10 mins (yes it took her 10 mins to calm down) and I boiled an egg to rub it on her head (I didn't know where to rub so I just rubbed everywhere). I am going to monitor her tonight to see if she would get any fever or if there would be any vomitting. I hope my little baby would be ok.

This weekend I am going to buy the anti slip mat for the bathroom!

Hayley finally got her own passport

After delaying this for so long we finally got her passport done. In fact we got all our passports done on the same day, this very day. Papa and I renewed ours and Hayley got her brand new passport. As we'll be travelling to Singapore in mid December, we had to get it done this week else we'll be joining the school holiday crowd next week when school holiday starts.

I was quite astonished with how baby friendly the immigration department became. I've never had good impressions of govt departments/offices but today I felt likewise.

We arrived at 9.35am at the Immigration Department in Subang. As kiasu as I can be, I got everything prepared beforehand - forms filled, photos taken, photocopies of I/C and ours birth certs all ready so we won't need to join the queue at the photo booth or photocopying counters. When we got there, the place was packed and there were long queues at the photo booth and I was glad I didn't listen to papa who said we can take photos on the spot and make copies of documents on the spot - MEN!

We proceeded to counter 1 to submit our documents and to collect a queue number:

Papa and I : our old passport, application forms, 2 photos each and copies of our I/C (original copies must be presented)

Hayley: application form, 2 photos and copies of her My Kid and birth cert. As Hayley is below 18, a parent will need to sign the application form on her behalf and a copy of the parent's I/C will need to be supplied, this we didn't know :-(

So papa quickly rushed over to join the queue to get a copy of his I/C made. This took almost 5 mins but felt like forever and it cost him 40 cents. When papa came back with the copy we were given a queue number. Our number was 2019 and they were serving number 2018 :-). We waited for what felt like 5 mins and then our number was called and we proceeded to 'special counters' which was counter 6 and 7. We had to show the original documents here and have our thumbprint captured and verified. Hayley got exempted from the thumbprint part. This was done in less than 5 mins and then we waited for another 10 mins to make payment. RM300 each for papa and me and RM150 for Hayley (50% discount for kids below the age of 2) for a 32 pages passport valid for 5 years. When we step out of the Immigration, it was only 10am. We were told to return in 2 hours to counter 13 to collect a number for collection of our new passports.

As it was still early we didn't want to wait there and decided to go for breakfast. We hung out at Old Town Kopitiam in Kampung Subang and returned to Immigration at 11.50am. We heard over the PA system that the system was down and everyone was asked to go to other Immigration offices to get their passports done but no one moved. Everyone just continued with whatever they were doing as if they didn't hear the announcement.

Luckily the hiccup would not interrupt passport collections. I went to counter 13 and was given number 2040 and saw that they were currently serving 2017. Oh boy, I thought it would be a long wait. Then the number appeared on the screen and they were calling numbers not in random order. I wondered why they were still calling numbers (different numbers from mine) if the system were down, now I know why everyone stayed on. When our turn came, all 3 of us have to be present at the counter and again we have to show original copies of our I/C and Hayley's birth cert.

We left the Immigration at 12.15pm. We were in the Immigration for less than an hour in total and got all our passports done!

The whole experience of making the passport has been great, no long waits and it was definitely very baby friendly (except the paying part where you still need to wait for your number to be called). Papa and I also benefited from it as we didn't have to wait like everybody else as we were given 'priorities' because of Hayley :-).

Now we can look forward to bringing her to the airport in December and showing her what an 'a-ro-plan' looks like from near.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blocked eye duct

I've come in contact with a lot of babies or kids before becoming a mom myself. I have to say that I have not heard about blocked eye duct before until it happened to my little girl.

When she was younger, there were a couple of days where her eyes would produce some sticky discharge and it would be more teary than usual. Sometimes her eyes would be glued shut by those sticky substance when she woke up in the morning. The paed advised me to clean her eyes as frequently as possible with clean cotton soaked in warm boiled water. After a few days she was ok.

A couple of weeks ago she started having the same problem on her left eye. Sometimes mild, sometimes pretty bad. Her eye white looks normal and it doesn't seem to itch as I don't see her rubbing the eye often. I cleaned her eye and told the babysitter to do the same but the problem refused to go away. I finally took her to the paed today (just in case) to get it checked. The paed said it was a blocked duct and told me to massage the tip of her eye, in circular motion and then rub it down towards the nose. This was supposed to help unblock the duct and move whatever mucus that was blocking it down to the nose. I was also told to put a drop of normal saline into her eye every 4 hrs. If the problem persists after a few days, I was advised to use the antibiotic eye drop. I hope I dont have to use it. The consultation and med costs us RM75.

When we arrived at the clinic this afternoon Hayley refused to step into the clinic. She remembered the place. After some coaxing, she entered and started playing with the toys. When our turn came, we entered the paed's office and she cried like she was tortured. All the paed did was to look at her eye with a little torchlight and I had to hold her body and hands while the nurse held her head straight. She fought and struggled and continued to scream at the top of her lungs. Boy.. she was so uncooperative. I am not sure how it would be as she gets older. I was planning to give her Hep A jabs when she turn 2 in February and now I am really concerned.

As we've not been to the clinic for a while, we weighed and measured her height. She now weighs 10.27kg, she was 9.65kg at 18 months. Her height was slightly inaccurate as she wasn't co-operative. She was 82.5cm at 18 months but 82cm at 21 months.

Will kids get nightmares?

I think the answer would be YES.

Yesterday night around 3am Hayley suddenly screamed (she was so loud she made me jump out of bed) and then started crying profusedly. Papa who was downstairs watching TV (yes he was still up at 3am) dashed up to the room. We're not sure what frightened her but our only guess would be nightmare cause we can't think of anything else that could frighten a little kid at 3am.

I quickly picked her up from her cot and cuddled her for a few mins. When she stopped crying I asked if she would like to go back to her bed (aka her cot) and she nodded. I put her down and she was fast asleep again.

Hopefully she won't get anymore of those nasty nightmares.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

No more diapers in the day!

We're happy to announce that Hayley at 20 months is officially off diapers in the day (yes even at the babysitter's) since 2 weeks ago. Imagine how much we've saved since then on diapers.

We started training her on and off a couple of months back and took it seriously in September when she was around 18 - 19 months. Read here for the first post.

Now we still put diapers on her when we go out for longer than an hour (in case we can't find a toilet in time when she needs to do her business or we're too lazy to take her to one) as well as at night. The babysitter continued to put diapers on her when she napping in the day just in case. Since we stopped putting diapers on her, we've had no more problems with rashes too.

The only downside now is that she refused to do her business elsewhere other than in a potty or a toilet.

This happened to us yesterday after having our dinner outside. While walking back to the car she wanted to pee. Papa and I took her to the bushes nearby and asked her to pee. We are worried that she will not be able to hold her pee and wet the cushion as she was not wearing a diaper. She simply refused! In the end she did wet her pants slightly but continued to hold her pee until we got home around 10 mins later. This taught me a lesson that I need to remind myself to bring a spare diaper wherever I go just in case we can't find a toilet nearby :-)