Thursday, January 17, 2013

We wall papered our room, ourselves!

It took us the whole afternoon on a Saturday to wallpaper one of the wall in our room, just the 2 of us and 4 hours to be exact. It wasn't the perfect wallpaper and the end result wasn't perfect either but it didn't matter. It was our first time experimenting with wallpaper and we decided to go with something safe and we're happy with the outcome.

Surprisingly we didn't find the process difficult but for sure it requires a lot of patience and interest and not something you can do on your own especially if you have a huge wall. We've enjoyed it and looks like there will be more projects in the coming weekends at home lol.

  • we bought from Korea Wallpaper at RM350 per roll, we used only 1 roll for our 14ft x 9ft wall
  • a set of DIY kits available from Korea Wallpaper at RM29.90 (it consist of a packet of powder adhesive, a roller, a scraper, a sponge, a penknife and some instructions)
  1. Take exact measurement of the height of your wall, then provide 2 extra inches on both ends when cutting.
  2. Lay and stick newspapers on your floor (so that when you roll the glue over the wallpaper, you will not mess up your floor) and cut the wallpaper to your desired length.
  3. When you've finished cutting the wallpapers, prepare the glue. Mix the powder adhesive with water (follow the instructions given on the wrapper) and stir until it becomes gluey. Get your kids to help and turn it into a family project :)
  4. Use the roller and roll the glue onto the back of the wallpaper evenly. Ensure you've got glue everywhere and especially the corners and sides (from our personal experience, it would be easier with more glue)
  5. Stick the first wallpaper to the far left/right of the wall, leave 2 inches at the top and bottom. Once you've got the wallpaper properly glued to the wall (ie it is not too sticky and should still be movable if needs to but yet it won't fall off when you remove your hand), trim off the 2 extra inches at the top using a penknife (I prefer scissors). Then use the scraper to scrape off extra glue or bubbles by pushing them to the sides (you will see glue coming out from the sides). Use a wet cloth to wipe them away (do not wipe too hard or too many times as your wallpaper might tear). Once you're satisfied with the wallpaper, then trim off the 2 inches at the bottom. If you have power sockets/switches on the wall, use a penknife and cut an X across the sockets to create some space and then scrape the sides of the wallpaper nicely to the sides of the sockets. Trim off the middle section with a penknife.
  6. Repeat the above until you have the entire wall properly covered - make sure the patterns of the wallpaper are in order when you affix the subsequent pieces. For the last piece, in addition to the top and bottom, you might also need to trim off the sides depending on the size of your wall.
  7. Lastly, wipe the wallpaper thoroughly to remove excess glue on the surface. 
Korea Wallpaper also provide free DIY classes on Sunday from 10am to 5pm (30 mins per class) but we were too lazy to go and decided to check out tutorials available on Youtube instead :)

And lastly, if you're too lazy to do this on your own, you can pay the professionals to do it. Korea Wallpaper charges RM200 per roll (price would be cheaper if you have more rolls, eg RM170 per roll for 2 rolls etc) and they also provide 5 years warranty if you engage their service.  The only downside is you will need to wait as their schedules are usually quite full (when we enquired, we were told we need to wait a month!).

So there you go and if you do decide to try this on your own at some point, share your success stories with me and show me your new room :)

Step 1
Step 2

Step 3
Step 5


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How time flies, from April till now... goodbye 2012, hello 2013

It didn't even feel like 9 months, that was how long I've left my blog idle. I have to say I have been lazy plus the last few months have been pretty hectic.  

I've really missed reading some of my favourite blogs in the last few months as well, wondering how my blogger friends have been keeping up, how the kids have grown, what have they been doing in the last few months or what yummylicious stuff they have been cooking/baking. It is time to slowly do my 'catch up'. 

So what have I been up to the last few months? A couple of things here and there but the the highlight would be that we've finally moved in to a new home, our own home. We completed the move in Oct and the renovation took about 5 months. As of today, there are still some minor hiccups to fix ie leaking at the porch, over sensitive DB box etc... yeah 'minor' stuff hehehe and a house warming to plan.

Here's a photo of the wet and dry kitchen, my favourite part of the house.
I have also been feeling under the weather a few months back and it lasted quite a while. I was constantly feeling dizzy day and night and 24 hours round the clock. A blood test revealed that I do not have enough iron, in fact the iron count was really low. So I was officially anaemic! It wasn't pleasant as I sometimes could not even walk properly, let alone drive. It took me more than 2 months to finally feel better with the help of some supplements and lots of purplish veges as well as some of the Chinese herbs my FIL got for me. I also started running to keep myself in better shape.

I also got promoted at work. Not a lot more money but definitely a lot more work :(. With heavier responsibilities it also means some extra hours at night (after the kids hit the sack) to pick up some bits and pieces. As I used to take this time to blog, now you will understand why I don't blog anymore.  

As for my kids, they've been doing ok. Zac is now 2 years old. We celebrated his 2nd birthday at the new home and got him a fancy car birthday cake. Cars and trains are his favourite toys. We invited the family over and had a simple steamboat dinner. Physically Zac is doing very well as well but unfortunately he is a bit slow verbally. At 2, he could only say selective words (pronounciation usually not accurate) and only 1 word at a time. He only started calling me 'mama' slightly before he turned 2 but started calling his papa and ceh ceh very much earlier. I guess it is true that boys are slower than girls at the younger age. Zac's swelling on the cheek have also disappeared but the small purplish veins are still visible and the skin is still warm to touch. Whatever it is, it is still there but I am happy it isn't growing and the swelling is no longer visible. At 2 Zac is also going through the 'clumsy stage'. Often knocking himself onto things, falling, and ended up with bruises.  

Kids at the party

Zac on his big day. And yes, I also need to figure out next why the photo ended up like this when the original looks fine. 
My girl is now 4 and will be turning 5 in February. This one is a hands full. Lots of drama, lots of demand and lots of cheeky ideas. She participated in her first Sports Day a few months back and got her very first 'silver' medal. We also attended 2 meet the teacher sessions, one in June and the other in November to discuss her progress. Overall she is doing ok in school and is labelled as a very loving girl who likes to hug the teachers and is very expressive. The complaints the teacher has is that she still gets distracted easily and likes to lead in class - wants to be the first to answer a question even before the teacher calls her name and will often encourage her classmates to follow whatever she is doing. We also attended her 2nd school concert in November and this time she did an Indian Dance, the JaiHo song. 

Ceh ceh posing in her sexy costume

In a fairy costume given to her by my ex boss

Ceh ceh and her supporter
And this week she started another head scratching hair pulling stint - she refuses to eat again and this has been ongoing (on and off) for a while now and it's getting tiring (for me!). She's only at 14.2 kg now and have been at the range of 14 - 15 kgs in the last 2 years :(. Today she likes eggs, tomorrow she hates eggs. Sigh.....

Without realising, my maid Reni has also been with us for a year now and I have just renewed her work permit and it cost me RM930. This includes the fee I paid to the agency for the running. I'm sure many of you must be wondering why I have never written about my maid since she came 12 months ago. I guess I am quite lucky as I didn't end up with a maid from hell. I've got what I would call a 'normal' maid. One that behaves like a normal human being - sometimes hard working, sometimes lazy, sometimes act dumb, sometimes act smart, sometimes drives me up the wall, sometimes made me feel thankful for having her etc.

So I guess I consider myself lucky as she is 'normal' and both my kids are attached to her. Apart from handling all the cleaning and washing (which of course is clean if you don't check in detail) and cooking, she also look after my girl from the time she returns from school. My boy stays with the babysitter and only gets picked up by us when we're back from work. We also installed CCTV at home to keep an eye on her for a peace of mind. She's educated (she can read) and after staying with us for a year she is now able to speak some English. This maid of mine is also quite resourceful aka busy body, she knows all the maids around here,  which house has how many maids and as some of them are using part time maids, she even knows what they are getting per hour/per day etc. Not sure if its a good or bad thing. As she's considerably smart and cunning, we're sometimes on our toes when dealing with her.

And can you believe this, I actually started drafting this post a few weeks back (sometime in Nov) and I only managed to wrap it up on the last day of 2012 :). I guess I can consider this as a good end to 2012 :), finishing what I started hehehe. Anyway, let me wish all my friends and families a blessed and happy new year and may your new year be filled with only the best in everything you do and not forgetting, the BEST OF HEALTH!!!!