Monday, January 30, 2012

Super moms!

When Zac was a few months old a friend of mine introduced me to a Breastfeeding Network on Facebook. The members on this network helps and encourage each other on breastfeeding and discuss and share knowledge on how to give the best to our babies. Gina Yong, the famous breastfeeding guru is also on this network and she is quite active in giving advices too.

When I started reading the posts on this network, it made me feel like crappy mom. Some of the moms are really amazing I tell you. I just don't know how they did what they did. Here are some of the things that made me go 'WHOAAAAAAA.........'. Let me know if you feel the same too :)
  1. Most of them breastfed their babies exclusively until they are 3 or 4! Some even continue to breastfeed several kids (eg feeding the 3 and 4 year olds while still pregnant with the next one).
  2. Some of these mothers have so much milk that they actually 'donate' their milk to babies in orphanages or use their milk to make breast milk soap.
  3. Some of the mothers are also strongly against vaccinations, even the compulsory ones. I know of one who had 3 kids (pregnant with No 4) and all her kids have not been jabbed before, not a single one. She claimed that all these vaccinations actually make the babies sick. According to her (she said she made a lot of research herself), babies are born healthy and all these vaccinations with chemical contents that are actually harmful to small babies who cannot tolerate them will only make them worst. Also according to her, her kids have never been seriously sick, just the usual flu and cough and they usually heal very fast and they have NEVER been to the doctors. She however do supplement her kids with Vit C and VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil). Whenever the kids are not well, she will boost their Vit C intake, that's all.
So, are you feeling crappy yet?

I have given my kids all the jabs in the world (kiasi), even the not compulsory ones and now I felt like I have failed my kids by injecting them with poisons and not to mention those antibiotics they have taken due to their sensitive throat since they were babies.

Although I hate going in there to read the posts (as they make me feel crappy) but it honestly does provide a lot of useful tips and infor in bringing up kids the healthy way. I am surely going to get some of those Vit Cs and VCOs for my kids now :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Zac's update: 14+ months

At 14+ months, I:
  • am finally walking :)
  • have added a couple more words to my vocab: a-ti (aunty), ish (fish), if (give), however my pronounciation is still a bit off and only my mummy can understand me mostly for now
  • am getting more demanding and I also love to test the limits of my parents (driving them nuts :-))
  • love to eat (eat anything and everything) but dislike drinking water
  • love shaking my butt to music
  • love going kai kai (going out) and will often point to the door and demand to be carried out of the house. If my papa who is usually shirtless at home puts on his shirt, I know he's going out and I'll stick to him like glue
  • am more focus and can play a new toy by myself for quite a while (so unlike my sister, according to my mom)
  • also inherited my mom's sensitive throat, I often get sore throat that requires antibiotics :(
  • still have my usual swelling on the cheek but it is getting less obvious now that I am growing up