Sunday, October 30, 2011

Popo's 60th Birthday

October is a month full of birthday celebrations (and money flowing out hahaha). Popo turned 60 on 20th October but because it was a weekday, we celebrated her birthday on 16th October.

As turning 60 seems a big deal for the Chinese (not sure why), we had a big celebration for her at Sin Coi Wah restaurant in Bdr Sri Damansara. Food was great.

The entire family turned up for the party and we all had a great time.

Birthday parties provides a great opportunity for the entire family to meet and catch up.
Seen here the youngest (2 months old) greeting the oldest (84 years old) in the family.

The whole family, needs 6 tables to fit all!

Aunty belting out some songs to keep us entertained

Birthday cake from Lavendar (RM220) and Q Jelly (price unknown).
Jelly cake courtesy of grandma and aunt.

Popo's angels

My angel

The entire family

Popo with her mom and siblings

Zac's Update: 11+ months

At 11+ months, I:
  • love to dance to catchy tunes on TV or radio
  • can pull myself to stand, but still can't walk yet
  • still not crawling on 4, prefer to crawl on my tummy and help my mummy clean the floor at the same time :-)
  • drooling a lot lately probably because more teeth are coming out
  • no longer use the bath tub for showers, I shower from the shower head directly while seated on a stool.
  • can identify certain objects and move my wrist to the 'twinkle twinkle little star' song
  • still have the swelling on my left cheek, same old same old
We are going to celebrate my 1st birthday today at Paya Serai with the entire family. On my actual birthday (1st Nov), mummy said we'll probably just get a cake (as she is working on that day) and have another simple celebration at home, just the 4 of us. On 2nd Nov, I will be having my 1 year old jab :(

This only happens when he is dead tired!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Winning a prize

2 months ago I participated in a contest organised by Alice Law and won :). Thank you Alice!!

This is the prize I won and both my girl and my boy enjoyed playing with it. I really love Fisher-Price toys, they are so colourful, educational and interactive.

Ever since the toy arrived, my girl have been busy 'cooking' stuff for me to eat using her new kitchen and my boy enjoyed the catchy tunes and love dancing to the tunes.

Papa's birthday

Papa's birthday was just a few days after mine. This time we celebrated it at a karaoke. Hayley's and Zac's first visit to a karaoke :)

On the way...

Look who's having a blast :)

Papa's cake from 'Just Heavenly'

Popo belting out a song

My birthday celebration

This is rather late but better late than never :). I had a great time on my birthday and here are some photos to share :)

My morning surprise from papa

My birthday cake.. haha. I am 1 every year :)

My pride and joy

Eagerly waiting for me to take out the cake

She ate half the cake

She suddenly took out these 2 dots from under her laptop and placed it on her own face!

My best buddies, we will never fail to meet up on our birthdays

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Zac's update: 10+ months

At 10+ months, I:
  • have 4 teeth, middle lower and upper incisors are out but the upper incisors are pretty wide apart :(
  • can recognise and point to certain items, can 'give' things when asked
  • I can finally move forward by pulling myself using my hands and stand for a short while if assisted
  • still have the swelling on my left cheek, same old same old
  • can now fight with jie jie on the things/toys that I want
Went to the doctor for a mild flu and cough and my weight was circa 9.1kg. Mummy got shocked as she thought I would have at least weight 10+kg.. sigh... mummy is now on a feeding frenzy to make me heavier as the ideal weight should be 3X my birth weight when I turn 1 (which is just another month away). But since I am not feeling well, my appetite has been quite poor. Well, we'll just do our best.