Monday, December 26, 2011

Zac's Update: 13+ months

At 13+ months, I:
  • am still not walking yet but love to stand
  • can say a couple more words such as: bird, ceh ceh
  • love nursery rhymes. Will clap my hands everytime mummy finished singing my favourite 'twinkle twinkle little star' and 'Old MacDonald had a farm'.
  • love to copy everything I see around me, when mummy roars like a lion, I would roar too, when mummy pretends to be a monkey (with both hands on the chest scratching) I would follow too (I even copied the hands), when popo uses the spoon to balance a plastic cup, I would do the same. I just love to copy everything I see :-)
  • I have quite a character, mummy said I have a bad temper and am a pretty rough boy
  • still have my usual swelling

Playing staring game with with one of the ceh ceh. Look at the size of my head and forehead! Mummy said I look like a flowerhorn fish - no wonder the doctor had to use a forcep to get me out of her tummy even when it was a c-sec...

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Singapore Zoo (Part 4)

This a a 'must go' place everytime we're in Singapore. The zoo :-). So this time no exception. Singapore zoo is a great place, very child friendly and clean. We can easily spend more than half a day here looking at animals, playing at the water park area and just chilling out.

S$5 per bowl of carrots (about 5 carrots)

Singapore Flyer (Part 3)

Papa took Hayley to Singapore Flyer on a Friday when I was at work. Again the entrance fee is not cheap, adult is S$29.50 and kid (3 and above) is S$20.65. The entire circle took about 30 mins (according to papa). After the flyer they walked to Marina Bay.

Universal Studios (Part 2)

During our Singapore trip, one of the day was spent at USS. The USS trip was a year end event organised by my company for the staff and therefore my ticket is paid for, Hayley is under 4 so it's free and we paid for papa's. The ticket is not cheap though, S$72 per adult and because we bought more than 30 tickets at a go, they gave us corporate discounts. Guess how much? S$4 wor....sigh....

Anyway, just wanted to say the place is great, kids and adults will love it. Lots of rides, lots of places to spend money and lots of entertainment along the street. We went on a Saturday so it was a bit crowded and queues for rides were slightly long (2 hours for Transformers). Other than the Transformers and The Mummy ride, the rest of the rides are suitable for kids (some requires adult supervision).

I'll let the photos do all the talking :-)

Steven Spielberg introducing his movies and special effects (Jurassic park, ET)

We're waiting for the hurricane. When it finally hit, it was quite real and interesting with wind, water, fire and even a ship crashing into us effect.

The ultimate ride in 3D, this ride is SUPER cool

Hayley's ride

Waterworld show, another great entertainment

Watching Shrek in 4D, we got spat at by the donkey and even have spiders

climbing up our legs.. so darn real

Waiting for her roller coaster, although it was considered a mild one to most people, I was still scared when it was over but she said 'mom, this was fun!'....

Shrek and Fiona dating

Singapore trip (Part 1)

This year my company decided to organise a family day out at USS and a year end party at a restaurant in Sentosa Boardwalk. So off we go again to Singapore in December 2011. Our first time (the 3 of us) to Singapore was back in Dec 2009. This time Zac was left at the babysitter's for a couple of days cause we didn't want to stress him out as we know we'll be out the whole day :(. Reni was left at my aunty's.

As the airfare for the 3 of us in Dec was quite expensive, we decided to drive. The journey took us about 4 hours and with the help of a GPS, we managed to find our way in Singapore pretty easily.

At Vivo City

Kids dressed as elves at our company's year end dinner party (Hayley and Minyu)

Some rich man's car

On the way back, we stopped by at JPO. Some of the stuff at JPO were much cheaper than in Singapore. So many people were seen queuing at the Coach outlet (insane). There are still plenty of shops not opened and even that the place is already pretty crowded.

More photos on the places we visited in Singapore in the next few posts, USS, Singapore Zoo and Singapore Flyer. So enjoy :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Another hair pulling moment

Since last week I have been tortured emotionally and mentally by my 3 year old girl. SHE REFUSED TO EAT!

It has been almost a week now and she still refused to eat. This is what I am going through everyday:

Morning (8am) - made her a bottle of milk, usually 7oz and she will finish half only

Breakfast (10 ish) - refused to eat anything

Lunch (1pm) - when we're preparing rice she will say she already had her food and she's not hungry. We'll force her to eat the food and she will sulk and pretend to vomit and will insist that we give her small spoons only otherwise she will throw up (small as in 1/3 of a teaspoon!). We'll struggle to make her finish about half a bowl of rice. Sometimes we just give up after a few spoons cause she will start crying, and we'll start losing our temper etc.

Tea (3pm) - another bottle of milk, sometimes she won't finish

Dinner (6pm) - similar struggle as per lunch

Last milk feed (9pm) - she usually will fnish this one but sometimes insist that we make her just half a bottle.

I am really upset. Why did she suddenly become like this? She used to love her milk and will eat whatever we eat. What makes her change so suddenly? It will be easier if we give her junk food as in ice cream, chocolate, McDonalds etc. She will take them with no problems.

I've de-wormed her 2 weeks ago, will the de-worm cause loss of appetite? It doesn't look like it cause she will finish the entire ice cream so her appetite is definitely there, just that she's selective of what she wants to eat. I brought her to the doctor cause I was really worried and he said de-worming will not usually cause loss of appetite but he said it could still be a possibility.

The doctor also asked if there was anything else that we've changed in her life in the last few weeks prior to this new 'phase'. The only other thing we did was that we've stopped sending her to the babysitter since Reni arrived. Could this have caused her to be emotionally upset and hence this horrible phase to get our attention?

I have tried talking to her, asking her what was wrong but all she said was 'I don't want big mouth' ie referring to small amount when we feed her. She did not tell me anything else.

I am going to lose my mind very soon. Should I just let her starve until she ask me for food????

What should I do?????? I am just worried that she will fall ill if this goes on.