Sunday, August 14, 2011

Great way to drink Dom

If you dislike drinking Dom like me but don't know what to do with all the Dom that you would have probably received as gifts after having a baby or two etc, don't fret. Try my suggestion below and I can assure you that you will finish your Dom in no time :)

This method was introduced to me by aunty Foong my confinement lady and I used to have it every alternate night during my confinement.

Mix half a bowl of Dom with slightly more than half a bowl of water and put it in the slow cooker for 4 hours. It is that simple. You can also add a hard boiled egg (peel the skin and put it in) into the mixture and let everything boil together. The egg will taste very smooth and soft. Aunty Foong said it is very healthy and beneficial to the body too.

I love it, not sure about you. Try it out and let me know what you think :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Traditional chinese medicine

Because of the marathon in the last 2 months and because I am sick and tired of feeding the kids antibiotics, cough and cold syrup and paracetamol, I have started to look to the east. Now that they are well, I want to boost their health with some traditional chinese medicine so they won't fall sick so easily and won't need to rely on western medicine so much. Most importantly the chinese medicine will not make them lethargic, tired, have cold hands and feet and most importantly there is almost no risk to allergies (not suitable for babies with G6PD though). My sister recommended me a chinese doctor in Klang, her kids are regulars there.

The doctor prescribed some herbs for Zac and Hayley. The herbs are blended into powdery form so it would be easy to feed (just dilute in water). I also got some prescription for papa and me, ours are in the form of herbs, roots and leaves. The medicine is very bitter, very tough to get Hayley to consume them but Zac seems to be able to tolerate it much better. And because Zac is not even 1, I reduced the quantity. The doctor prescribed 1 tea spoon of powder but instead I only gave him half.

The goodies for papa and me

Apart from traditional chinese medicine, I am also giving them:

1. Cordyceps
These little worms cost me a bomb. My next door neighbour and the salesman at EYS said they are very good for lungs and should be taken after a bad cough/during a bad cough to heal the damaged lungs. Cordyceps enhances immunity, therefore building resistance against coughs and colds. It reduces phlegm, strengthens the lungs and fortifies the kidneys. It is also very good for health. Another friend also said it is recommended to improve appetite. It sounds like the perfect solution for my kid's cough and cold and Hayley's poor appetite. I boil it with birds nest and rock sugar (1 piece of birds nest with 3 Cordyceps) and will give the kids once every 2 or 3 weeks. Hayley will get half a bowl and Zac just a few small sips. The chinese doctor is against me giving Zac Cordyceps (she said not to give when they are too young) but I think it is ok to give in small controlled quantity. Plus I am only giving once every 2 or 3 weeks.

We've so far had this once and since then Hayley's appetite improved tremendously. She's less picky and more willing to try out new stuff and she's eating much faster and in bigger quantity too. I don't know if it's mere coincidence or if it's really the results of Cordyceps. Don't really care :-)
2. Pearl powder
I usually keep stock a few of these at home and use when necessary. I was introduced to pearl powder by the babysitter and also my sister. My family members are very prone to throat infection (meaning our body gets heaty very easily which leads to throat infection and then fever) so we usually take pearl powder to reduce the heat as and when we feel it coming. Apart from cleaning excess heat, pearl powder is also used to calm the nerves and improves eyesight and complexion. Everytime I noticed the kid's lips turning red or their body feeling a bit warm, I will give them some of these powder, I usually mix into their milk. Haylet gets a bottle and Zac half a bottle. In the past I used to just get them from normal chinese medicine shop but Alice made me realise that I could be feeding my kids some unknown powder if I am buying it from unreliable sources. Since then I get them from EYS. I didn't know EYS actually sell them until recently. 6 bottles costs RM108 and member gets 5% discount and because of promotion, they are giving an additional 5%.
3. Bo Ying Compound
I was introduced to Bo Ying Compound by Leona. Again this is from EYS. I went to EYS to enquire and the salesman told me it is a good product to give to kids to maintain their health. Bo Ying Compound alleviates fever and cold, eliminates phlegm, calms nerves, removes wind in the body, increases blood circulation, promotes health, detoxification and anti-inflammation. It can be given everyday but I prefer to give just once a week. Hayley can take 1 bottle and Zac half a bottle. I don't usually give it to the kids weekly but will give from time to time. Although I know chinese medicine will do no harm but I still prefer to give in moderation and as and when necessary.4. Manuka honey
I haven't got this yet but this is something I would like to get next. They have it at EYS and also at GNC. EYS is a bit pricier than GNC. Manuka honey is also a good supplement to boost overall health and some of my friends told me their kids does not cough as much after consuming Manuka honey. It is also a valuable aid for the healing of burns, infected wounds and ulcers, and assists in treating dyspepsia, stomach ulcers and other digestive disorders. It can help relieve skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and acne. Manuka Honey also soothes sore throats and helps to speed up recovery from colds and flu. Manuka honey is to be given daily, 1 teaspoon once a day. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for Zac as he is still under 1 year old.

Honestly, a combination of all the above do cost me a bomb but if it will help my kids get stronger naturally and fall sick less often (hence saving on medical bills and trips to clinics), I think it is all worth it. I don't mind cutting up some of my personal expenses (not that I spend a lot) to cater for these.

I'll see if a combination of the above actually works better than multivitamins, vitamin C, fish oil and yogurts which I use to give to Hayley on a daily basis. Despite her taking these supplements religiously, I didn't really see an overall improvement in her health. Plus these supplements are not cheap too. Some even said multivitamins are actually very heaty and if the kids does not consume enough water, they will end up getting sick!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Zac's Update: 8+ months

At 8+ months, I:

  • still can't crawl forward but can reverse, love to stand but can only do so if assisted for a short while

  • love pulling hair and spectacles and pinching other people's face

  • am much more adventurous with food, love bread, porridge and rusks

  • sleep through the night from 9/10pm till 7/8am

  • have 2 teeth, lower middle incisors. The one on the left is half way out whereas the one on the right is just coming out

  • have my first fever due to throat infection, fever reached 39.7c and it lasted 3 days

  • still have the swelling on my left cheek

  • have double eye lid on my left eye but none on my right, the dimple is also on my left cheek but not my right, the swelling is also on my left cheek, why is everything on the left???

  • enjoy watching cartoons and love to play

  • love remote controls, the real ones, not the fake ones

  • love putting everything into my mouth - fingers, toys, books, pens, labels from pillow cases, remote controls etc

  • this month I have been to many doctors - child specialists, GP, radiologist and even child surgeon

My weight is still circa 8.5kg. I didn't gain much probably due to me being sick for a while and didn't have much appetite to eat. I went for another hair cut this week as well.

Concentrating watching cartoons