Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The end of breastfeeding, bye bye milk

After exclusively being breastfed for 6 months and supplementing with formula for 2 more months, mummy have had enough. She initially aimed to breastfeed me for 1 year but had to stop at 8 months. She is not proud but she knows she has done her best.

I am not sure if this happened to other breastfeeding mothers out there but mummy encountered several difficulties. Firstly, she couldn't use the pumps. You heard me right. When mummy use pumps (we've got the Avent manual pump) it will take her ages to clear the breasts. In desperation, she tried manual and it was surprisingly much faster. Mummy have since then expressed manually using her hands resulting in bruised breasts (not sure why but I guess if you press your fingers onto your breasts for like 4 - 5 times a day and 20 mins each time, you will end up with bruises). Mummy used to express every 3 hours when I was 2 or 3 months old, so imagine the bruises!

Mummy also lost a lot of weight. We know breastfeeding help mothers to lose weight after giving birth but she wasn't expecting to lose this much weight. She lost 5kg! The miracle of breastfeeding is that she was back to her usual weight during the confinement month (amazing huh) and she lost another 5 kg in the following 2 months. She look so skinny that she could no longer fit into her usual pants, those she use to wear before she got pregnant. Everyone who saw her said she looked frailed and lethargic, probably because of the weight loss. She doesn't look like someone who just had a baby!

The biggest reason why mummy gave up breastfeeding is because of thrush. I developed thrush when I was 3 months old. Not sure when, how or why. I had white spots in my mouth and bad rashes down under, they were itchy. Mummy's breasts were fine. Mummy wasn't even sure if it was thrush but pediatrician said it was. She continued to breastfeed me and pediatrician prescribed Daktarin cream to apply into my mouth and onto mummy's breasts. While her breasts showed no symptoms of thrush, mine refused to go away. The moment she stopped applying the cream on my mouth, it will come back. When she applied, they will go into hiding. Mummy continued to put the cream with hope that it will go away permanently but it didn't. The thrush stayed on until I was about 6 months old. She didn't know what else to do and decided to stop breastfeeding me directly cause we all know that thrush will spread from mommy to baby via breastfeeding or vice versa. She didn't want to continue applying the creams on me as we do not know if the cream will cause harm if taken over long period.

Mummy then decided to express and feed me from a bottle. She also continued to clean my gums and mouth thoroughly every morning and night with clean wet cotton. I love it when she does that as I can bite her finger. Eventually the thrush slowly disappeared, without mummy putting any cream. We were elated. But at the same time mummy's production of breast milk slowly diminished no matter what she do. She continued to drink lots of fluid, taking plenty of fruits and expressing frequently but nothing helped and I wasn't helping either as I refused to suck on it anymore. I prefer teats!

Anyway, mummy convinced herself that 8 months is better than nothing and she is happy that she managed to feed me for 8 months. I am also happy as her breastmilk keeps me healthy. IF she is going to have a 2nd baby, she said she will do the same :-).

Sunday, October 26, 2008

How do you put a sleepy baby to sleep?

Mummy wrote this in desperation. Anyone out there able to help?

"I have been having problems putting Hayley to sleep every night in the last couple of days. When she was much younger, it wasn't much of a problem. We'll put her in the cot, pat her buttock for a while and she will eventually go to sleep.

As she gets older and wiser, it became harder. Since she knew how to crawl and stand, the moment we put her in the cot she will start climbing and standing in the cot and playing by herself. After letting her play for about 10 mins, we will hold her down (she sleeps facing down) and pat her buttock. She will resist and cry (without tears most of the time) for about 10 mins and then eventually fall asleep.

Now, the moment we put her in the cot, she will cry. Most of the time it's fake cry and if we let her continue, it will become real tears. When we hold her down to 'force' her to sleep, she will resist even more and cry even louder and sometimes she even throw up. I tried various methods of putting her to sleep from letting her head rest on my shoulders while carrying her, putting her close to my body whle continuing to pat her buttock but nothing seems to work. She will still resist and cry although you can tell she's tired.

What else can I do? Friends suggested that I need to train her to sleep by letting her cry on her own. When she realised after a few days that no one will come to the rescue she will know its bed time. Do I really have to do this? It sound so cruel to me."

I hope mummy won't leave me alone to cry to sleep every night.. sigh...pray hard...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I can clap

We have not been writing for sometime cause we actually forgot that we have a blog ~lol~.

I am 8 months 8 days old today and guess what she I did yesterday evening? I clapped! Mummy asked me 'show mummy how you clap' and I did, to her amazement. I repeated a few times cause she kept asking me to do it as she wanted to be sure (and of course I got tired after a few times and ignored her). I have been watching the 'Your baby can read' cd which teaches the word 'clap' a lot and mummy also demonstrated it to me all the time. She is glad that the RM100 investment paid off :-)

Next she is going to teach me something else, maybe body parts or electrical appliances or even animals hehe

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hayley the 'Rat'

At 8 months, my development has been really astonishing. Guess what I can do now?

1. Crawl on 4. I started with the commando style crawling for a few weeks before I was able to crawl on 4
2. Stand with support. I can grab the sides of my cot and pull myself up to stand on my 2 feet. I can even walk a few steps while holding the sides of the cot on my own (wobbly of course la)
3. Going for the stairs (yes I am now starting to crawl towards the stairs but I have not been successful in going up the stairs yet, must try harder)
4. Ride like a pro on my walker.

The boos boos:
1. No signs of any teeth (or maybe this is a good sign? as some old people will say that the later the better so the teeth won't fall off that early)
2. I can sit unsupported but gets tired after a couple of minutes and tumble to either sides
3. I have a bad temper and some character!

Oh well.. I learn new stuff everyday and will try my best to surprise mummy and papa with my new tricks everyday :-)

I had diarrhea!

My diarrhea started since last Thursday. I usually poo once or twice a day but since Thurs I pooed 4 times a day! Mummy wasn't really concerned at that time cause I was still happy, healthy and eating like normal. Mummy did some research on the internet and was advised to make sure I stay hydrated (by poking my flesh and making sure it bounces back). She poke me all the time, how annoying ~lol~. She also sniff at my bum all the time (like a dog) so she can change my diaper immediately to avoid nappy rash.

After 4 days, I still pooed 4 - 5 times a day. Mummy was getting slightly concerned. She email my pediatrician Dr Wong and asked her for advise. Dr Wong suspected it was just a mild stomach flu and told mummy to change my milk. Instead of the usual Enfalac a+, she was told to give me Similac Lactose Free Cow's Milk or soy milk. Dr Wong gave both samples but she recommended that we try Similac Lactose Free Milk which she said taste better. She also advised mummy to stop giving me fruits or veges. Just mik and carbs (porridge and cereal) for now.

Mummy changed my milk on Thursday (the 7th day of my diarrhea) and we could see the effects immediately. I only pooed 2 times on Friday and Sat and once on Sunday. Mummy was elated. She started me back on Enfalac A+ on Sunday and my poo seems to be back on course. She also ask aunty (the babysitter) to start giving me veges in my porridge and they will probably reintroduce fruits later.

Mummy will monitor me for a few more days to make sure everything is back to normal.