Friday, March 2, 2012

Zac's Update: 15+ months

At 15+ months, I:
  • developed a habit of biting people. I was just being playful and didn't realise that I was actually hurting them :(
  • love copying everything my sister does - shouting, throwing the toys around, jumping, banging my head against the door/wall
  • love the outdoors, love watching cars zoom by, birds and aeroplane flying in the sky, kids running around in the park, barking dogs
  • love eating and drinking my milk, beats my sister everytime in finishing up my food and milk
  • am still not using words to express myself that much, still prefers to talk in my baby language
  • know what 'sayang' means and will use my hand to rub my mummy's face when she ask me to sayang her
  • love pretending to be an aeroplane flying in the sky. Will lie on my tummy and lift both my hands and feet off the ground and pretend to be flying. It was fun!
  • am walking a lot more now although I still need to grab on to something or someone to stand up. I am starting to learn to run too!
  • still have the usual swelling on my cheeks but it is getting a lot less obvious now :)
  • am supposed to have my 15th month Pneumococal jab (last jab) but mummy wasn't sure if she would want me to go ahead with it after reading all the posts by other mommies about how bad these jabs are... she's in a dilemma.
  • hate hair cuts, the aunty and the razors frightens me each time
  • picked up cycling on my own. Mummy puts me on the tricycle one day and I surprised her by pushing myself forward using my legs and reversing! I wasn't tall enough to cycle so I had to stand up and use my legs. I even got down on my own! I'm a pretty smart boy.
  • have a lot of focus compared to my sister. I like to watch what others do and then copy/follow. I can play with a toy for hours on my own provided my sister doesn't interrupt/disturb me.


reanaclaire said...

Good to update his growth here in the blog.. next time when he is older, he will have this to tell his kids too! :)

Ermayum said...

biting people is no no ok :) owh sakit gigi tajam :)